Westford Mill

You'll know Westford Mill as the home of big value 'Bags For Life': In 2018, we're extending that big value ethos to a whole new range of fabulous gifts and accessories. Alongside our established Fairtrade and eco-friendly favourites, you'll find accessory bags, green and ethical canvas planters, fashionable designs for around the home and all sorts of ideas to take to the shops.

Whether you choose a natural canvas look, one of our many fashionable shades or want to make our products unmistakably your own, we've got bags of ideas for you to try. Our latest collection is full of ideas for life - with new shapes, new bags and new materials for all sorts of occasions. And they're all backed by our commitment to sustainable, ethical production.

New products, new colours; same ethical sourcing and eco-friendly touch - in 2018, you'll find everything you've come to expect from Westford Mill... and more.

Westford Mill - The Natural Choice

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